‘There’s No Diversity Without Knowledge’ – Skelmersdale United.



It wasn’t so long ago when the FA revealed that English football clubs failed to meet six of eight diversity targets.43% of our Premier League players are black, however, only 4.4% hold managerial positions, this is totally unacceptable.As the nation’s number one sport, football has the unique power to bring people together. It can remove barriers and be a force for good in communities, but somehow it’s still failing.Here at Skelmersdale United Football Club we are doing our best to help create equal, diverse, and inclusive football environments for all.People are already starting to question the amount of black players that are now registered in our squad. Yet we’ve never heard people question the percentage of white players registered to ours or any other club previously. People should be judged on their ability alone. You know it, we know it and the sooner people remember that the better. Today as we speak, the club has already taken note of what our players need. Prayer mats have been purchased for our Muslim players and these prayer mats accompany the team in the kit bag to all games, both home and away. Post match Halal food is also now provided following each of our home games too.  But we are continually  striving to learn more about our family which will better enable us to pass the message on. We believe that knowledge is as powerful as words.We aim to reach all our targets, recognising and embracing our new members is part of that journey which we hope and believe our loyal family of supporters will do so too as we all continue on the journey together.



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