Castle International is Liverpool’s most dynamic and forward-thinking marketing agency, and today their CEO, Dean Currall has announced a partnership with Skelmersdale United Football Club.

The primary aim of the partnership is to purchase land in Skelmersdale, that will ultimately enable the club to return back to its roots in the not too distant future.

Rebuilding the business model from the bottom right up is of paramount importance for long term sustainability. Therefore the relationship with Castle will see the club forge relationships with the greater community as well as potential investors.

Chairman of the club Frank Hughes said:

“The difficulty attached to running the football club, as we’ve witnessed over the years, will continue without the right support.

“Following extensive conversations with Dean over several months, I believe it’s in the best interests of the club to seek the professional support that Castle International has to offer.

“It will take time and patience to achieve the objective of returning to Skelmersdale, but we want to make sure that when it does happens we are a commercially viable business that has sustainability.

“This is an exciting opportunity for a club often seen as a ‘sleeping giant’ to progress and see how far it can go.

“The club is looking forward to working with Dean and Castle International.”

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